Process Designer


The process designer is a central part of the POS Bridge. This is where all inbound and outbound processes are maintained and all process details displayed and changed. The designer is the configuration tool for the entire process.

A process consist of one or more steps, which are customized with the Process Designer. This designer offers the possibility to add customer specific steps or processes. Separate processes can be connected to each other, building a complete end-to-end process flow. An optimal solution is received by placing the customer steps between any desired standard template steps.


All data is converted into the POS Bridge Omni-channel format before receiving the final formatting for distribution or posting.

Messages are received from or sent to the engine using delivered adapters. The adapters write the message contents to SAP and initiate the first process chain. The process then ensures the end-to-end dataflow and writes the results into the outbound queue. Finally, the results are transmitted to the outbound connection point by the outbound adapter.

Process Engine

The process engine is the main component of the POS Bridge. It is responsible for processing messages from the inbound and outbound queues including the process queue. The engine offers two scheduling options: as periodically executable job or as silent background process for optimal performance.



The POS Bridge contains a set of templates delivered and preconfigured as part of the process designer. Each set of templates represents a SAP release and vendor for an optimal solution.