Process Designer


Each part of a process is designed and configured in the process designer, including parameters and engine settings.




A complete documentation of each process and step within the POS engine is automatically generated each time the documentation is called.




Message monitor for observing inbound and outbound messages within the engine, together with the overall performance and engine status.


Point of Sale - Bridge

Your POS manufacture independent SAP Add-on



A comprehensive set of parameters to control the process flow functionality and solution design.


The Dynamic Configurator


Browser based customizing environment. Multiple tools and configuration possibilities without development.


The Cockpit


Browser based navigation with multiple user interface. Fully integrated with the Dynamic Configurator.


The POS Bridge platform ideally embodies the recommended approach to Omni-channel retailing. While common legacy systems maintain separate user interfaces, data and business logic for each software product, POS Bridge architecture enables retailers to break away from the tradition of integrating disparate information and functionality ‘silos’, and migrate to a unified, single engine platform. This ensures high flexibility, fast time-to-market and outstanding centralized management, monitoring and control capabilities.


The platform features the following key architecture layers:


Unified Data Layer




Unified Business Logic Layer



Unified POS Layer

Outbound Processes


List of outbound data, which is sent to the POS software by the POS Bridge.


Inbound Processes


List of inbound data, which is received from the POS software by the POS Bridge.


provides the foundation necessary to maintain and share common information resources used by all POS Bridge processes, including product master, customer, sales transaction and inventory data by using standard SAP functionality.

contains the unified retail/SAP objects, services and business process rules and logic required to maintain all store operations.

contains multiple POS vendor formatting rules and conversion routines.