Outbound Processes

The bridge between SAP and Omni-channel processes


Each process is divided into tree levels to ensure Omni-channel support. For this purpose the following worksteps have been implemented:


Outbound SAP master and transaction data to be distributed to one or more touch points in the Omni-channel environment.


Conversion of SAP formats into BPO Omni-channel format.

Third Party (Touch Point)

Conversion into third party formats based on the BPO Omni-channel format.

Each level can be monitored individually including the display of technical data. To simplify the installation and configuration of the POS Bridge, each process has its own questionnaire explaining the complete process and the necessary parameters.

Product Master

Sending product information from SAP to any Omni-channel connection point is a standard part of the POS Bridge. All data is passed through the BPO Omni-channel format, extending the format with advanced functionality.

Prices and Discounts

Prices and discounts are a part of the SAP standard condition module. Based on the many possibilities of price and discount configuration, the POS Bridge has its own configuration to support various distribution scenarios.


Various types of discounts and promotions can be defined in SAP. In the POS software these types of data are normally divided into discount product dependents and promotions for more complex scenarios. The POS Bridge supports both types.


This object is used in the POS interface – outbound to transfer additional EAN/UPCs belonging to the main EAN/UPC of an article, together with all the assigned EAN/UPC references.

Product Groups

SAP offers various ways of grouping products together. By using SAP standard internal product groups, external product groups or product hierarchies the POS Bridge is able to distribute product group information.


Generally, the stock information is a centralized functionality in SAP. As the requirements of our customers have shown that stock within the POS software might be an advantage or necessary for certain processes to work optimally. Therefore, the POS Bridge offers the possibility to distribute stock.

Classification master data such as classes and their attributes, including attribute value sets, can be distributed as lookup values to any external target.

Classification Master
SAP Table Distribution

Distribution of SAP table content out-of-the-box. The possibility to send SAP table information including the corresponding text table in multiple languages.

The POS Bridge is able to use the SAP HR employee infotype data to distribute as users within the partner software. By using HR data, the POS Bridge supports any organizational structure in SAP to be distributed to the partner software.


Customers and employees can be distributed to the POS software for the purpose of identifying the customer. In addition, customer related information such as cards and discounts can be distributed.

Customer Master

This object is used to transfer all foreign currencies and their rates for conversions to the local currency of the store.

The POS Bridge supports multiple currencies including "buy" and "sell" rates.

Exchange Rates