Message Monitor

End-to-End monitor of process messages


The message monitor shows all messages that run in the process engine. As a message is received from the external source, the message will be stored in SAP in its original format. The original message will then be forwarded to the next process which will convert the original format into the POS Bridge Omni-channel format. During the processing of the message, the complete data will be visible and can be downloaded at any time for analysis purposes.


The images below are showing parts of the monitor. The monitor offers a range of selection parameters such as key information, receipt numbers, customer numbers etc.


Monitoring of mission critical processes

Mission critical processes require a fully qualified identification of message issues. The monitor is able to quickly identify the message in question and delivers additional messages for faster problem identification.


Any message can be tracked from process begin to process end, any time during and after the process is completed.

Message content can be analyzed at any time before during or after the process is completed.


The process log allows to identify the steps being executed. In the case of errors, the corresponding steps can easily be identified. If the message was stopped caused by a problem, it will wait until the user changes the status of the message to be processed again. At this point, the same validation of the data will once more be executed and the message will be completed as soon as all errors have been corrected.


Message Content

The message content can be downloaded or displayed at any time during or after the message processing.


Negative Acknowledgement

The use of a negative acknowledgement is part of the POS vendor template which ensures that the software is able to return error information back to the monitor, including changing the status of a message and visualizing the error message together with the original message.

By using the negative acknowledgement it is therefore possible for the vendor to use the POS Bridge monitor as a central monitoring point.