The first question you have to ask yourself is "Do i really want my stock on two systems?".  Let us compare the difference.


Advantages of stock on the POS software

- Offline support

- using the POS software stock transactions for stock transfer, stock counting and replenishment


Disadvantages of stock on the POS software

- Ensuring that the stock is held in sync (offline scenario)

- Massive interface transactions


The distribution of stock information is mainly triggered through the MIGO transaction, delivery notes or transfer orders. BPO delivers a customizing environment where it is possible to setup the relevant stock keys to be transmitted to the POS.


Two types of stock settings are possible to support delta processing or actual values. When activating the delta processing, only changes will be distributed. If the actual value is activated, every time a change happens in SAP, the changed amount will be distributed.

Each process has it's own questionaire as an initial document to initialte the configuration of the process.