Bonus Buy

This object is used to transfer prerequisites, requirements, and conditions necessary for bonus buys in the POS interface - outbound. All the bonus buys are transferred to the specified stores or the stores in the distribution chain.


The POS’s then take the data transferred into consideration by analyzing all the articles scanned in one transaction and by determining whether the articles are being purchased in the relevant combination. If so, the special offer is granted.

The system can only distribute the information on bonus buys using a direct request. Realignment runs are not possible.


SAP PMR - Promotion Management for Retail

PMR helps retailers identify which promotions will be most profitable based on true shopper demand to reach segmented consumers shopping across multiple channels. SAP PMR supports a collaborative, cross functional process which simplifies the complexities of planning, managing and analyzing multichannel, localized and personalized promotions . . . with the speed to outpace your competitors . . .while helping to align customer demand to your supply chain.


The PMR is an ADD-ON for SAP.


Product dependent

Prices such as product dependend prices including scales are not part of the promotion process. These are distributed through the price process.


Product Independent

Promotion discounts that are maintained on levels higher than that of an article are transferred to the stores that have been specified or to the stores in the distribution chain.


Which types of promotions are supported?

Promotion types are based on POS Bridge logic and customer requirements. It is possible to define the flow of the promotion for an optimal solution.


To explain the way this is done, please have a look at the graph.


Each process has it's own questionaire as an initial document to initialte the configuration of the process.