Prices and Discounts


Product dependend

Prices are stored as condition types within SAP. The conditions can be created on multiple organisational levels such as sales organisation level, distribution channel ect. By using the condition configuration of the POS Bridge it is possible to filter the wanted organisation level to communicate to the POS software.

Prices relevant for distribution will be sent to the POS Bridge and then converted into POS relevant price information including scales.


Not only prices are stored within the condition database, also discounts and promotion data. To aquire more information about the additional usage of conditions, please refer to the promotions.


Product independend

The discounts which are stored within the condition table, can be sent as master data to the POS software environment including scales and group information.


Initial and Manual Distribution

Distribution of price master data from SAP ECC by using SAP standard transmission scenarios mostly end up delivering up to 80% of the neccessary functionality. The rest needs to be developed to ensure the correct triggering of data changes.


To support this process the POS Bridge offers a customer designed transaction for manually distriubtion of master data. Not only the price master is included, also customer specific data distribution can be included using the transaction.

Each process has it's own questionaire as an initial document to initialte the configuration of the process.