Article Master


This process is used to transfer data relating to the articles on sale (and which are or were contained in the assortment list) in a store, including all the information required at the cash register, such as texts, prices, EAN/UPCs and POS data.


The following conditions must be met before SAP Retail can transfer the data to the POS systems:

  • The article must be managed in the store within the preparation period (generally the store lead time).

  • The article must have already been in the store’s assortment list.

  • The merchandise category for the article cannot be expressly excluded for transfer to this store. The merchandise category for the article must be assigned to the store.

  • The article category for the article must refer to a standard or group article. Hierarchy articles and merchandise category reference articles are not transferred to the POS systems. Merchandise category articles are not usually transferred to the POS systems either, unless this is explicitly required in the special settings in the store communication profile.

  • The article must have a main EAN/UPC and a sales price.


Articles are identified at the POS via EAN/UPC. Many articles have different EAN/UPCs and prices for different sales units. If you cannot guarantee that only main EAN/UPCs are scanned at the POS, always transfer all EAN/UPCs and prices for articles in their different sales units to the POS system. The system then determines the sales unit via the sales price.

Within POS outbound processing, you can determine the number of EAN/UPCs that the system transfers for each article, via a user exit.

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Each process has it's own questionnaire as an initial document to initialte the configuration of the process.