Initial and manual master data distribution


The POS Bridge include all necessary programs to trigger distribution of master data.

Products, customers, exchange rates, product groups, prices, eans, tax and currency information can all be triggered within one transaction.

This transaction can be used for both initial and manual master data distribution.


To the standard delivered distribution transaction it is possible to add customer specific designed functionality to close the gab between SAP standard and customer specific requirements.

Product Master


The product master within SAP ECC maintained through the transactions MM01 and MM02 would trigger the distribution of product master data. Other transactions for mass change or customer specific development is also a part of the product master data distribution scenario.

The POS Bridge can be triggered from SAP standard and additionally through product delivered applications. This is making the initial sending of product master data including delta processing easy and uncomplicated.

As the key data received within the POS Bridge, the process will gather detailed information such as additional EAN/UPCs from the SAP product master and send a full updated product to the connection point.


When is a product ready to be distributed?

- Required fields are filled-in, thereby making the product ready for distribution

- Product is associated with required plant and sales organization

- Product is added to delivery or transfer document

- Product is on the way to store

- Customer specific triggering point based on POS Bridge included functionality


The decision on when a product is ready to be distributed is documented within the process questionnaire. Based on the decision, the corresponding configuration will be implemented.

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Each process has it's own questionnaire as an initial document to initialte the configuration of the process.