HR Data Distribution


The POS Bridge offers the possibility to distribute HR employees to the POS as POS users. Based on the employee area and sub area, it is possible to attach groups of employees to a given store.

The SAP standard transaction for the initial and delta distribution is fully supported.


When is the HR user ready to be distributed?

- All required infotypes are existing


As a new employee is entered into the SAP HR module, the employee will initially be sent to the POS. At this stage the user does not have access to any function within the POS software. Through the POS software, the user will become a password whereafter the user will stay active within the POS software.


If an employee is stopping working for a company, the employee within SAP HR will be changed, which will cause the SAP HR module to distribute the change to the POS software. Here the user will be locked.


In the case that an employee is returning to the company, the SAP HR change will again open up the user within the POS software.

Each process has it's own questionaire as an initial document to initialte the configuration of the process.