Customer Master


The customer master within SAP ECC is maintained through the transactions XD01 and XD02. Other transactions for mass change or customer specific development can also be a part of the customer master data distribution scenario.

The POS Bridge is triggered from SAP standard and additionally through product delivered applications making the initial sending of customer master data including delta processing easy and uncomplicated.


When is a customer ready to be distributed?

- Certain fields are filled in making the customer ready for distribution

- Customer is opened within a certain organizational level (sales organisation, division ect.)

- Customer cards are available


The decision on when a customer is ready to be distributed is documented within the process questionaire and can thereafter be configured as requested.


Initial and Manual Distribution

Distribution of customer master data from SAP ECC by using SAP standard transmission scenarios mostly end up delivering up to 80% of the neccessary functionality. The rest needs to be developed to ensure the correct triggering of data changes.


To support this process the POS Bridge offers a customer designed transaction for manually distriubtion of master data. Not only the customer master is included, also customer specific data distribution can be included using the transaction.

Each process has it's own questionaire as an initial document to initialte the configuration of the process.