Financial Transactions


This business process allows you to use the POS interface - inbound to process purely financial transactions (i.e. transactions that only affect financial accounting functions) that take place in stores.

In addition to actual sales, pure financial business transactions, which involve no goods movements, can take place at the POS. Examples of purely financial transactions:


  • Settlement of customer invoices
    In this case, a customer settles an outstanding invoice in a store.


  • Payment of a vendor invoice
    A vendor invoice is paid using the store’s cash reserves.


  • Other pay-in and pay-out transactions
    This includes postage costs taken from the cash register and payments to temporary staff, for example. It also includes cash register discrepancies or small change from the bank.


  • Transfer posting within a store
    Transfer postings between different accounts (for example, between the small change safe and the cash registers).


  • Transfer posting of foreign currency
    This posting is necessary if a foreign currency is to be managed in a separate account.



Each process has it's own questionaire as an initial document to initialte the configuration of the process.