The Dynamic Configurator


Your Profit from the Dynamic Configurator


  • No development necessary

  • Unlimited tables and table hierarchies

  • Automatic parent / child relationship

  • Support for automatic table key generation

  • Support for column editor layout

  • Support for actions (new/update/delete and custom action)

  • Support for business process integration using actions

  • Support for URLs including parameter forwarding

The Dynamic Configurator is a web based configuration environment with extensive functionality. No additional development is necessary.


The Dynamic Configurator (DC) can be integrated in the BPO Cockpit or called directly through the internet browser. The main functionality of the DC is to add the functionality of editing transparent tables in a web-based environment.

The DC will automatically filter values based on the parent/child relationship. It is possible to drill down through the table hierarchy selecting records on the way creating the exact required result set.

At any time, it is possible to return to a previous table keeping the current selection:




By using the export feature it is easy to export data from a table into Excel.