A complete documentation of all processes is available in German and English. In addition, a complete manual of all tools and the process engine is included. Furthermore, all developments during the project implementation will also be included into the customer specific documentation. The final technical documentation is automatically created using ABAP Analytics.


The complete solution contains three types of documentation:

  • Main product documentation including customer specific implementations

  • Process engine documentation of processes, steps and thread-pools (runtime objects)

  • ABAP Analytics documentation of ABAP development objects


A large part of the documentation is created automatically. The product documentation is delivered together with each software update by BPO.

Process Engine Documentation

The process engine documentation is automatically created in a HTML based web site format with a complete set of process and step descriptions.

The documentation includes all processes, steps, adapters and thread-pools as well as all settings of all standard and customer specific customizing objects.

Product Documentation

A complete documentation of the POS Bridge is available in German and English. Included in the documentation are also the customer specific developments, linked to the original process for a complete overview of the customer designed solution.

A full POS vendor field mapping documentation is included with conversion rule descriptions and data validations.


Key word searching

All information can be found using the search feature in the web based documentation site.

ABAP Analytics

SAP Analytics provides a complete documentation including source code descriptions for all customer specific developments. Objects like BADI, enhancements, programs, classes and many more will automatically be documented as a web based help site.