Conversion of Values


During the processing of incoming and outgoing messages the content will be converted into the corresponding target values.

With the configuration environment of the POS Bridge it is possible to control the message flow and value conversion. A range of templates has been designed to support POS Bridge related processes and vendor software.


Customer Specific Customizing

The Cockpit which is used to visualize the customizing environment can easily be used to add customer specific customizing and logic. The customer customizing can be placed on any page within the Cockpit.


Types of Value Conversions (Example)

  • Stores (the relation between SAP and POS stores)

  • Tax codes (SAP <-> POS)

  • Currencies (SAP <-> POS)

  • Financial accounts (POS finance data into SAP)

  • Condition mapping (SAP condition data to POS)

  • End of day (EOD) (moving payment type data to final account location)

  • Classification mapping (replacement of classification values)

  • Unit of measurements (SAP <-> POS)

  • Qualifiers (control codes for process flow)

  • Item types (placement of item types)

  • Process types (controls the process flow)

  • Payment types (controlling the cash flow during the process)

  • MIGO movement types (controlling the outbound master data triggering)

  • POS profiles (business logic control parameters)

  • Languages (SAP <-> POS)

  • Change types (support for external customer maintenance)

  • Customer account groups (support for external customer maintenance)


The set of customizing possibilities depends on the selected template.

The above image is showing parts of the configuration environment. Here, the conversion and organization values are entered to control the processing flow.