The Cockpit


The Cockpit solution introduces a web based configuration environment to simplify the navigation for your developments or any other SAP application.

The Cockpit can be configured to use your corporate design and theme without any development efforts. By using the Cockpit Designer it is possible to implement almost any requirement.

Your Profit from the Cockpit


  • No development necessary for creating a professional and effective navigation menu

  • Unlimited cockpits, pages and actions

  • Keeping the application status when returning to the menu

  • Support for embedded Web Dynpro components

  • Support for external web pages

  • Support for Business Server Pages

  • Support for Web GUI Pages

  • Support for URL Parameter Forwarding

  • Integration between BPO Cockpit and BPO Dynamic Configurator

  • Fully integrated into the BPO Framework

Having the corresponding authorizations, it is possible to change an existing configuration directly in the Cockpit without the need to transport each change. Any picture can be attached to the actions in the menu including navigation between pages. Unlimited number of pages can be created.