ABAP Analytics


Our ABAP Analytics Solution offers a range of functions which simplify the process of documentation and quality insurance.


The software is installed within 5 minutes on the SAP Netweaver Application Server and all you need is the corresponding templates which will be used for creating exactly the design you want.


The ABAP Analytics offers the possibility to automatically extract ABAP Dictionary information and present it within a user-fiendly web site which is automatically created during the extraction.


Here are a few of the many advantages:


  • SAP Dictionary objects such as: Structures, Data elements, Tables, Table types, Class, Methods, Lock objects, SapScripts, Web Dynpro Components, BSP Applications, Programs, Enhancements, User Exits, BADIs and many more will be presented in a unified web based environment.

  • Documentation is always actual and accurate, without any additional effort

  • User friendly navigation within the ABAP Dictionary

  • Overviews based on packages, transports, users or keywords

  • Corporate design requirements can easily be implemented

  • The best quality insurance and source code review function ever built


Try it out right now!


Create a user-friendly ABAP Documentation web site in just a few minutes!